Water Conservation

Water is a finite resource requiring careful management: the era of plentiful and inexpensive water is ending. Conservation practice and sound management strategies are essential to meet the water demand for our growing population and protection of our natural resources. Texas is growing and so is our thirst for a clean and reliable source of water.

LNRA is educating the public through our quarterly newsletter and by speaking at company and community meetings about simple steps and techniques that can be taken to conserve water.

The Authority welcomes comments or suggestions to contribute to our efforts to educate the public about conserving and protecting this life sustaining natural resource for future generations.  For additional information, please e-mail Patrick Brzozowski, General Manager, at pbrzozowski@lnra.org.


Water Conservation Poster Contest

The Lavaca-Navidad River Authority held its 15th Annual Water Conservation Poster Contest.   The contest is open to Jackson County 6th grade students.  The poster must be original work of the student and can be on any phase of Water Conservation.  We hope this contest encourages everyone to learn all we can to better manage, conserve and protect our most precious natural resource. 

The posters are judged and the top three are chosen from each school.  Those posters are then re-judged and the county wide "Best of the Best" top 3 Water Conservation Posters are then chosen.  2017 winners are pictured below.

Jackson County's "Best of the Best"

 1st - Macy Cantu of Industrial I.S.D

2nd - Meagan Rollinson of Industrial I.S.D.

3rd - Morgan Goldman of Edna I.S.D.


Dalton Bohannon - 1st Place
Morgan Goldman - 2nd Place
Salma Andrade - 3rd Place


Kayden Pena - 1st Place
Leah Villela - 2nd Place
Naomi Pedrero - 3rd Place
Industrial I.S.D.

Megan Rollinson - 1st Place
Macy Cantu - 2nd Place
Alexis Resendez - 3rd Place